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  • Le QuecumBar’s famous and talented musician patrons and fans come from around the world in support of Gypsy Swing and Le QuecumBar’s aims.

With our Patrons in mind Le Q Records (our own label) created with our then Patrons the double album “Stars of Gypsy Swing” featuring two tracks by thirteen Patrons.

It took over a year to put together this unique eclectic and exciting mix of guitar masterpieces that includes original and unreleased material from John Jorgenson, Hank Marvin (his first Gypsy Swing guitar recording) and Biel Ballester. All tracks were contributed by the 13 elite global Gypsy Swing guitar Patrons (at that time) of Le QuecumBar, London’s world premier Gypsy Swing venue. Le QuecumBar Patrons: Every one a dazzling star!

This musical imprint of our patrons’ unique personalities highlights their talent, energy, compositions, melodies and Django Reinhardt’s music. Some were born to Django’s music, others gravitated to it, yet all have left their indelible mark. Individually displaying their singular guitar style, mastery and personal interpretations, all have nurtured and evolved the genre to new heights of global popularity.

This CD, possible only because of our patrons’ generously donated tracks, is intended to elevate and share Django’s music, legacy and Gypsy heritage. The patrons are staunch supporters of Le QuecumBar and good friends, providing the fuel that sustains my aims. Thank you for buying this little piece of magic you may hold in your hand – please support this music we share, and make the effort to see any of our Patrons live if they pass by your town, as nothing compares to seeing and hearing them perform up close ! Le QuecumBar Patrons album selling fast available on our shop and for complete download at Le QuecumBar Patrons Album – LEQ0105 release date 2008



We are proud to have the support and approval of our world class musician patrons and extend our sincere thanks to our Patrons and sponsors, who each contribute to and support Le QuecumBar in its mission to promote Django Reinhardt, his music and the musicians around the world who play his music.


Angelo Debarre, French Gypsy

Angelo is the one of the foremost Gypsy guitarists in the world and a legend amongst European gypsies. An authentic proponent of the Manouche (Gypsy) style pioneered by Django Reinhardt and, more recently, performer of Eastern European Gypsy music, Angelo is the most sought-after musician of the Gypsy tradition.

Visit Angelo’s website

Read an Angelo interview.





John Jorgenson, USA

Le QuecumBar would like to congratulate the very versatile guitar virtuoso John on his 2009 Grammy Award. The Award was for best country instrumental, a song called “Cluster Pluck”!! It was for a cut he played on with Brad Paisley, including Albert Lee, James Burton, Brent Mason, Reed Volkheart, Steve Wariner and Vince Gill – world class guitar players. We have a quote from patron John about his Grammy award – “I am just over the moon about winning a Grammy Award! Of course I have watched many of my favourite artists, friends and colleagues accept this prestigious award over the years, and to now be included in that company is an overwhelming feeling. It is even sweeter to share this award with some of the best guitarists in the world-some who are good friends, some who are esteemed colleagues, and some who are heroes of mine. Special thanks to Brad Paisley for assembling this ‘Team of Teutonic Tele-Men’ and creating the opportunity for all of us to win this award.” John Jorgenson Feb 2009.

Multi-instrumentalist John has a huge and varied history of musical styles and credibility, including country (Desert Rose Band), pop (Elton John) and of course Gypsy jazz. In 2003, John played guitar in John Duigan’s film Head in the Clouds and indeed starred as Django (pictured above) in a couple of scenes.

Buy John Jorgenson’s latest CD!



John Etheridge, UK

John’s career has covered a huge range of musical territory: during the late 1970s, he was simultaneously a member of both jazz fusion group Soft Machine and Stephane Grapelli’s touring group. He has worked with with many of the great players of the jazz world and currently fronts Sweet Chorus, a quartet dedicated to Stephane Grappelli.

Visit John’s website


Lollo Meier, Dutch Gypsy

Lollo, a Dutch Gypsy, was raised on Gypsy Jazz and started playing at the age of 12 with members of his family. His mission is to continue the music of Django Reinhardt, performing across Europe at various well-known jazz festivals. Lollo composes his own Django-style tunes, which provide a repertoire over and above the usual standards. Among the gypsy jazz musicians that play guitar in the style of Django Reinhardt, there can be few who stand out like Lollo. Lollo’s style is true gypsy, understated and beautiful, whether performing classics of the genre or his own compositions. He made the final of the 2005 International Song Writing Competition over 15,000 entrants, with Melody For Le QuecumBar that was placed in a jazz category as there was nothing for Gypsy Swing he got an honourable mention and was in the top 13. We are honoured that Lollo has written a piece of music especially for the bar. Click here to listen to “Melody for Le QuecumBar” by Lollo Meier.

Lollo has graced our stage on many occasions, drawing forth praise from the London Evening Standard’s Jack Massarik, who noted in 2003 “Brilliancies came and went so fast that there was hardly time to applaud until the end”.

Visit Lollo’s website and please see Lollo play at Le Q!


Fapy Lafertin, Belgian Gypsy

Fapy Lafertin was born in Courtraie (Belgium) into the Manouche gypsy community. From a very young age he played all kinds of instruments. He really started playing Hot Club de France repertoire with the Piotto orchestra. In the seventies and early eighties he starred in the group WASO with Coen de Cauter, which was so succesful it popularized Django’s Hot Club Jazz worldwide. After leaving the group he embarked on a solo career, playing with big bands and well-known jazzmen in England. In this period he co-starred with Charlie Byrd, Scott Hamilton, Al Casey, Benny Waters and Milt Hinton. He also teamed up with Stéphane Grappelli in Glasgow. Since then he is regarded as an authority in the jazz world.

In 1985 he started his own Quintet in The Netherlands, inspired on the sound of Django Reinhardt’s famous 1930s group. The Lafertin Quintet featured various well-known Dutch artists such as Rudi Brink and Joop Hendrickx. Since 2001, Fapy has taken up his old love: the Portugese 12-string guitarra.


Dave Kelbie, UK – Gypsy Swing promoter of Lejazzetal


QuecumBar regular Dave came to prominence during his work with Dutch Gypsy guitarist Fapy Lafertin and soon developed an international career promoting Gypsy music and culture, leading to collaborations with many of the worlds leading Gypsy musicians. Dave joins our Tuesday night jam sessions when not busy with his many other projects organising tours for other Gypsy Swing giants.

Visit Dave’s website




Robin Nolan, UK lives in Holland

Robin has established himself as one of the world’s leading Gypsy jazz guitarists and has set himself apart by creating his own unique style. His natural affinity for the guitar began at the age of 6. Robin’s music has encompassed blues, rock and jazz, ultimately leading to his main passion: the music of Django Reinhardt. The world famous Robin Nolan Trio works non stop around the world and has recorded numerous successful albums. Such musical icons as Bill Wyman, Willie Nelson and George Harrison have warmly praised Robin. The latter invited Robin on several occasions to perform at parties which were thrown at his English country estate.

Visit Robin’s website


Hank Marvin, UK lives in Australia



Chart-topping guitarist Hank Marvin attained fame with the Shadows and has enjoyed a solo career alongside his band’s success. Having enjoyed a pop career from the 1960s right through to 2004, we are proud to have Hank as our patron in his capacity as Gypsy Swing player and fan. Hank enjoys getting up and jamming on the wild Tuesday night jam sessions and is a great supporter and fan of this genre and says:


“…loved the jam night, what a great atmos, and I was inspired by the enthusiastic and inventive playing from the various musos present. The non-playing crowd was really into it too. It was so good I almost thought of moving back to London! The “named” guest performers you are able to present there are truly the best of today’s Gypsy Jazz. The performance of the Angelo Debarre Quartet was outstanding and Matcho Winterstein was also a joy. It is so good to be able to sit close to the action; sadly there aren’t many venues that offer this intimacy…” Hank B Marvin August 2004”

Hank has kindly donated two tracks (along with our other 12 Patrons) that he recorded specially for our latest double album on the Le Q Record label, these two tracks are his first ever Gypsy Swing recordings to be released on “Stars of Gypsy Swing” available as download at or to buy at



Andreas Oberg, Sweden

Andreas Oberg

A great young Gypsy jazz player, is the youth of today meeting the music of yesterday. Already a gifted young jazz musician by 2001, he discovered the music of the great Django Reinhardt, by 2002, Andreas got the chance to tour and record with Jimmy Rosenberg. In 2003, Andreas performed with many of the greatest players in this genre and recorded his first solo album with Yorgui Loeffler and Ritary Gaguenetti, released in March 2004 on Hot Club Records. Andreas has made Gypsy Jazz very popular in Scandinavia and he has contributed hugely in attracting a younger and a wider audience to this wonderful music. “I am honoured and delighted to be the Scandinavian Patron of Le Quecumbar. Sylvia has created a unique place in central London, that’s become one of the hottest spots in the world of Gypsy Jazz. The atmosphere is fantastic and the staff, musicians & audience immediately make you feel at home!” Andreas Oberg was born in Stockholm in 1978. He started out as a mainstream jazz guitarist, influenced by George Benson and at the age of 18 he was already a well known name on the Swedish jazz scene. He has has performed with many of the greatest players in the genre. Click here to hear Le Q Theme, written especially for the bar by Andreas. Visit Andreas’s website


Stephane Wrembel, French lives in New York

Born and raised in Fontainebleau, France, Stephane truly discovered Gypsy swing at the annual Django Reinhardt festival at Samois-sur-Seine in 1996. A former student of both the American School of Modern Music in Paris and Berklee College, Stephane continues to bring Gypsy swing to a widening audience and plays regularly in New York. Now living and performing nightly in New York with his trio. As the New York Hot Club he performs Gypsy swing millennium style with a rocket under it and heading for the stars, beautiful mesmerizing 3 D music, full of undulating, complex and exciting contrasts, intelligent and sympathetic interpretations adding new musical facets and dimensions to Gypsy Swing. He has completed many USA tours, Gypsy Caravan along with Robin Nolan and is signed to Amoeba records in the States. He has also had some of his original compositions chosen by Woody Allen for his movie “Vicky Christina Barcelona” in 2008 as has Biel Ballester and has been asked to compose music for Woody Allens latest film.

Visit Stephane’s website


Ritary Gaguenetti, French Gypsy


Ritary Gaguenetti


A Sinti Gypsy born in France in 1978, Ritary began playing at the age of fourteen. Learning initially from his father and then by listening to the Gypsy masters, he has matured into a charismatic, virtuoso musician with a style that is smooth and melodious, clean and precise. A popular gifted guitar-master and composer, Ritary demonstrates musicality, versatility and technical expertise beyond his years on his many recordings. His latest and acclaimed album Gipsy Soul shows that he is just as comfortable with traditional Django tunes as he is with bebop, funk and R&B. Collaborations include such greats as Matcho Winterstein, Andreas Oberg and Yorgui Loeffler. He has received rapturous welcomes at festivals in Europe, USA, Canada and New Caledonia where his masterful, stylish quotations of Wes Montgomery and George Benson demonstrate the enduring nature of this constantly evolving music. Has toured Canada where his music was received with enthusiasm and rightful exposure on all media levels.

Click here to hear For Sylvia, written especially for the bar by Ritary.


Visit Ritary’s website


The Biel Ballester Trio, From Spain


The Biel Ballester Trio outside le QuecumBar


From Barcelona, Biel’s trio are champions of Gypsy jazz in Spain and bring an excitingly fresh and modern slant to this music. Adopting the Latin rhythms of bossa nova, bolero and rumba, they infuse the traditional style with their own eclectic Spanish flavour, a perfect demonstration of how musicians around the globe continue to contribute to Django’s legacy with their own cultural influences. Biels composition “When I was a Boy” on his live QuecumBar album – was used in the Woody Allen movie Vicky Christina Barcelona.

Biel Ballester (Spanish Patron, guitar) – Born in Mallorca, guitarist, composer, arranger and teacher Biel Ballester studied classical guitar at the prestigious Luthier School in Barcelona. A self-taught Gypsy swing player with a strong penchant for rockabilly guitar, his potential was spotted more than ten years ago in Samois, where he spent many hours listening to, meeting and playing with Gypsy and non-Gypsy masters of the style. He has performed with The Rosenberg Trio, Robin Nolan, Gustav Lundgren, Stephane Wrembel and many other Gypsy greats. A masterful player, with a clean, light and fluid style, Biel’s creativity is clear, not only in his Latin-flavoured interpretations of Django’s classics, but also in his own highly-regarded compositions. Biel is a hard working musician and accomplished teacher and composer who is constantly creating new ways to play Gypsy Swing. He has performed in many cities across Europe and is sought after for festival performances. In February 2006 the trio recorded Le Q Records first CD, still a favourite of our customers around the world and a really popular seller with enough tracks for a double album.

Click here to hear Le QuecumBar March, written by Biel for the bar.

Visit Biel’s website


Gary Potter, UK

Regarded by Gary Potteraficionados as one of the greatest Jazz and Country guitarists in the World. He enjoys high acclaim in the United States, Australia and Europe. Entirely self taught he started to play the guitar when he was 11 years old. Appearing professionally in Country Bands at 12. He was voted Best Country Guitarist on three occasions and looked set to become a Nashville legend with an early elevation to the Country Music Hall Of Fame. His path towards Jazz started when a friend gave him a recording of Django ReinharGary Potterdt when he was 15. This had an immediate impact on him and from then on he decided to make it his career. He has won many awards for jazz and is regarded as one of the best Jazz Guitarists in the World and appears at many Jazz and Guitar festivals Worldwide. Gary’s musical experience is extensive and covers Jazz, Country, Classical, Pop, Funk and Blues. More recently, he has embarked on arranging and composing. He is an accomplished teacher of music, giving workshops worldwide. His versatility is renowned and respected. Gary can be found on Le Q Record label with his live recording at Le QuecumBar 2007 – we believe his best album yet! Supported by ace rhythm players, Ducato and Kevin Nolan (brother of Robin) and rocking bass of Andy Crowdy.

Visit Gary’s website


Moreno, French Gypsy

Moreno was born in 1963 in Moselle, the region of Alsace, a hotbed of jazz Manouche on the French-German border where many Gypsies settled over the years. Moreno grew up speaking Rom, travelling with his family throughout France, and learning to play the guitar music of his father. Manouche Gypsy Moreno’s guitar talent revealed itself when he began to learn from his brothers. Encouraged by Dorado and Tchavolo Schmitt, he pursued his passion and spent his youth travelling and playing between Alsace and Saintes Maries de la Mer. He studied the recordings of Django and was schooled in the traditional Gypsy music that influences the Alsatian Gypsies. Aside from Django, Moreno had one other great influence, his mentor Paul ‘Tchan Tchou’ Vidal. In Toulon, he met legendary guitarist Tchan-Tchou whom he accompanied and learnt from for four years. Moreno became a regular fixture in Paris, playing with Gypsies like Mondine and Ninine in clubs and cafes such as the famous La Chope des Puces. In Paris he met his wife, the Gypsy singer Marina, and his current quartet sees Moreno fusing Gypsy Swing with traditional Gypsy songs in his powerful and energetic style, incorporating vocals from his charismatic wife Marina.Moreno and Marina always thrill their crowds, Moreno can be found playing regularly in Paris his present home town.

Visit Moreno’s Website



Aurore Voilque, French

Aurore started playing violin at the early age of 3, before moving to Africa and developing her talent, taking part in various symphonic orchestras. She headed to Paris in 1998, attending jam sessions and playing in bars, expanding her musical vocabulary. She formed The Aurore Quartet in 2004. Aurore’s passion of sharing her love of music shines through her exuberant and captivating performances. Aurore’s latest album 2009 Live at Le QuecumBar with The Aurore Quartet can be bought at or downloaded at and demonstrates her joyous music perfectly in a live setting.

Visit Aurore Quartet Website


Kevin Nolan, UK lives in Holland

At the age of 13, Kevin started to play his first musical instrument, the blues harmonica. Via a circuitous route taking in college, playing the bass and lectures from Robert Plant, he joined brother Robin Nolan’s trio as rhythm guitarist. He has been touring around the world and recording with the trio ever since then. After moving from Amsterdam to San Francisco in 2007, he was asked to play rhythm guitar with the John Jorgenson in his acclaimed quintet which he is still doing among other things.


Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P Australian

Whilst performing recently at Shepherds Bush Tommy heard of the planned Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival celebrating Django Reinhardt’s 100th Birthday. It was then whilst in London he agreed to become a Patron in support of Le QuecumBar’s unfailing and unique efforts to promote and support Django’s music and the Gypsies and non Gypsies who play his music around the globe.

Although Tommy’s style is quite different, he is a huge Django Reinhardt fan and admirer and like most great guitarist was also influenced by Django the Gypsy and guitar genius.

Two-time Grammy nominee Tommy Emmanuel is one of Australia’s most respected musicians. The legendary guitarist has a professional career that spans almost five decades and continues to intersect with some of the finest musicians throughout the world. A household name in his native Australia, Tommy has garnered hundreds of thousands of loyal fans worldwide. Tommy’s unique style – he calls it simply “finger style” – is akin to playing guitar the way a pianist plays piano, using all ten fingers. Rather than using a whole band for melody, rhythm, bass, and drum parts, Tommy plays all that- and more -on one guitar. Guitar legend Chet Atkins was one of the first to inspire Emmanuel to try this “fingerpicker” style as a child. Decades later, Atkins himself became one of Emmanuel’s biggest fans. Tommy got his first guitar at age 4 and was taught by his mother. He learned by ear like many of the Gypsies, with no formal instruction, and has never read music. By the age of 6, he was already working as a professional musician in the family band, variously named The Emmanuel Quartet, The Midget Surfaries and The Trailblazers. Tommy played rhythm guitar and his older brother Phil played lead, along with their brother Chris on drums and sister Virginia on slide guitar. The Emmanuel siblings’ earned the family’s sole income for several years. By age 10, Emmanuel had played his way across Australia.

In 1962, Tommy heard Nashville guitarist Chet Atkins’ music for the first time and was riveted by the complexity of Atkins’ solo sound. but it would be another 15 years before the two would finally meet in person. In 1980 Emmanuel made a trip to the United States and finally met and got to play with his hero, Chet Atkins, in Nashville. Atkins’ influences are evident throughout his music and personal philosophy. Emmanuel’s technical precision, his virtuosic improvisations and his unusually broad repertoire- which encompasses not only country and bluegrass, but pop, jazz, blues, gospel, even classical, flamenco, and aboriginal styles -also bespeak Chet Atkins’ legacy. Tommy’s dream of recording with Chet Atkins came true in 1996 when the pair made an album titled The Day the Finger Pickers Took Over the World, for which Emmanuel received his first Grammy award nomination. In Nashville in 1999, Tommy was honored by his mentor, Chet Atkins with the title of “Certified Guitar Player” for his contribution to fingerstyle guitar, a rare distinction shared by only three other people in the world (Jerry Reed, Steve Wariner and John Knowles). It was a crowning moment for Emmanuel.

Tommy’s appeared with his brother Phil in the Closing Ceremonies of the Sydney Olympic Games. In 2008, Guitar Player Magazine and Acoustic Guitar Magazine named him Best Acoustic Guitarist and Gold Medalist – Fingerstyle category in the Readers’ Choice and Players’ Choice Awards, respectively. Most recently, in 2009, Tommy was honored with Guitar Player Magazine’s most prestigious annual Guitar Legend award, as well as being named Thumbpicker of the Year for the second time. In all, Emmanuel’s catalogue includes 16 musical recordings running the gamut of solos, duets, ensembles, cover tunes, originals, both electric and acoustic guitar. He has made several instructional DVDs and regularly teaches master classes on the road. At 54, performing live is more important to him than ever and he tours constantly, playing over 300 concerts a year for the last four years. Guitar players of all levels come to his shows to watch the magic hands of the ‘guitar Wizard of Oz,’ but his appeal goes far beyond musicians. His live shows are known for their humor, passion, and infectious joy. If you get a chance to see him live – don’t even think about it just

Patron John Jorgenson and Tommy Emmanuel playing Avalon together


Tcha Limberger, Belgian Gypsy


A blind Belgian multilingual (six languages!) Gypsy – Tcha’s extraordinary musical talents span the violin, guitar, clarinet, and vocals all of which he is an expert on. Born into a family of Belgian Gypsy musicians, he began performing with the De Piottos, later swapping his clarinet for a guitar to play rhythm alongside Koen de Cauter and Fapy Lafertin in the ground-breaking Waso. At the age of seventeen, inspired by stories of his grandfather, the legendary violinist Piotto Limberger, he took up violin, studying under Hungarian violin master Horvat Bela. Tcha Limberger

He swapped Django’s music and left Belgium for Budapest to study classical and Gypsy music under Horvat Bela. Tcha Limberger lived in Transylvania for some years, where on top of recording albums as a freelance artist, he set up several orchestras and teaches students. Tcha embodies Gypsy music in its most authentic form, where yearning and melancholy mix with laughter and warmth, both haunting and lifting the heart.


Kussi Weiss, German Gypsy

Kussi hails from a family of some of the most renowned Sinti musicians in Northern Germany. As in Gypsy musical tradition, he began playing at the age of ten, taught by his uncle, Maurice Weiss, going on to release his first CD aged just nineteen. Now thirty-two years old, he has released numerous recordings and has appeared at many international festivals. The elegant style of this virtuoso guitarist combines the authentic, acoustic Gypsy swing style of Django’s music with a modern twist. He captivates and endears his listeners with his shy and unassuming demeanour. On this recording he can also be heard playing for the first time with star soloists and world class Gypsy Swing master players Lollo Meier and Ritary Gaguenetti.


Stochelo Rosenberg, Dutch Gypsy


Stochelo is the world-class Gypsy swing guitarist and leader of the legendary Rosenberg Trio. Spotted as an exceptionally gifted talent when a young boy, he is now universally regarded as one of the most brilliant exponents of the genre and performs to enraptured audiences. Not just a virtuoso player, Stochelo (cousin of Lollo Meier) is the man behind many classic compositions that reveal his unique ability to bring the melody to the forefront of even the most technically demanding solos. Combining effortless virtuosity and improvisational technique with pure melody, his playing touches the heart of any music lover. As well as numerous albums with The Rosenberg Trio, he has collaborated with many musicians, bands and orchestras, including Bireli Lagrene’s Gipsy Project and a series of albums with French Guitarist Romane. This recording captures some rare moments and showcases soloists who have never appeared on stage together before, catching Stochelo playing with global stars such as, Lollo Meier and Ritary Gaguenetti with the support violin of Wattie Rosenberg and grooving bass of Sani van Mullem. France: ArtMada Productions. Worldwide: Netherlands: Sascha van Esdonk Produkties

Stochelo Rosenberg is universally regarded as one of the most brilliant exponents of the genre.


Aurélien Bouly, French Gypsy


We are proud to add  Aurélien to our Patron list – he is thoroughly professional, a master musician and a true gentleman and a joy to work with.
An international French Gypsy, jazz guitarist, born in 1978 he lives and plays around  Paris and can often be seen and heard on the world Gypsy Swing scene.
During his childhood, his father, a fan of jazz and the guitar, took Aurelien along to see the concerts at the famous “Chope des Puces”, a famous place for Gypsy jazz and French musicians.  These magic musicals afternoons operated spontaneously and for  Aurélien from then on it would be the guitar and nothing else.
Much more than child’s whim, it was a passion for him at an age when other Gypsy children preferred to play ball games with their friends.  His family home and life swung to the melodies from old discs of: Django Reinhardt and the “Hot Club De France”.
Aurélien learned all his music by ear, the melody, harmony and then the complex Django’s solos.   On his way, he forged the basis of his technical expertise and his own unique improvisations.
Each year,  Aurélien goes to the Django festival in Samois-on-Seine where Django lived and is buried and where amateurs and professionals alike rendezvous to celebrate the life and music of Django where he furthers his development and playing with others from around the globe.
The music of Django is not his only source of inspiration, many of the Gypsy Swing musicians develop their own unique “Hot Club” musical style.    Aurélien has also been influenced by the swing of Tchavolo Schmitt, the Andalusian ardour of Raphaël Fays, the pure virtuosity of Stochelo Rosenberg, the musical genius of Dorado Schmitt, the creativity of Angelo Debarre and the talent of Romane, all of these greats have influenced  Aurélien ’s own unique style throughout his years of learning and on his musical journey.
Among the varied bands and musical set ups he has put together and worked with he has had a twelve year musical relationship with the amazing violinist Shàrl Dragan and they founded the group Tarné Spilari.   For two years he worked with TiFrère guitarist of the “Ziegler quartet” and the group “Am Ketenes” with whom he appeared at the Samois-Sur-Seine Django festival and at the “Swing 41” Salbris festival where he recorded a disk with them.  His meeting with Frederic Manoukian (who worked  with Guy Marchand) culminated in the recording of a song “Django style” on the last album.
In springtime 2010, the American Gypsy jazz festival “Django in June” requested he attend because of his obvious passion for sharing what he knows with others, he collaborated with  Denis Chang, Joscho Stephan, Gustav Lundgren, Gonzalo Bergara, Jack Soref, Biel Ballester and Michael Horowitz.   Here he was invited on stage with Joscho Stephan, and Tim Kliphuis and completed a formidable line up.
In 2011, in England, at the QuecumBar (London’s world famous temple for Jazz Manouche) he met/played and recorded on the Le Q Record label with UK’s finest Gypsy Swing guitarist the internationally famous Gary Potter along with the world class French Gypsy rhythm guitarist Herve Gaguenetti and UK’s powerhouse bass player Andy Crowdy.  This adhoc band setup was a master piece of musical genius – these four came together  for the first time and created two thrilling nights for their audiences and each other.
In 2012 he played in another first time line up and mini tour with Gary Potter, Jonny Gee and Ritary Gaguenetti, a five star line.   The coming together of four musicians playing together in concert for the first time is a testament to their incredible musicianship and professionalism. Aurélien will return to this same line up in September 2012 with another small tour.   Listen to his latest CD “The Latin Jazz Manouche Concept” its fresh and upbeat and incorporates Salsa, Latin jazz, and Gypsy jazz.
Don’t miss his concerts he is a joy to behold and also holds workshops whilst he is in UK to share his skill and teach guitarists of all levels.


• Ducato Piowtrowski, Polish Gypsy, UK

Latest Le QuecumBar Patron – long overdue

A Rom Gypsy from Poland, Ducato is probably UK’s top Gypsy swing rhythm guitarist, playing with Gypsy legends, Moreno, Angelo, Lollo, Paulus, Mozes, Matcho, Tchavalo and many other world greats such as Howard Alden.

Visiting international Gypsy solo artists and UK’s Gary Potter’s, preferred accompanist.  

A staunch, loyal, regular supporter and great Gypsy ambassador for Le QuecumBar and the Gypsies. An original member of the Le QuecumBar Allstars.  A gentle man with a driving accurate rhythm combined with a true melodic sensibility, he is also a consummate soloist with an authentic original style that is influenced by the great Tchavolo Schmitt.  A virtuoso in his own right.

He has been a regular at Le QuecumBar jam sessions for many years and is an excellent teacher of this style, often found patiently passing on his knowledge and wisdom to younger less experienced guitarists, always promoting the style and the roots of this music.  Ducato is above all a gentleman of wisdom, style, grace and charm and his playing reflects all of his qualities and more. Generous with his time and knowledge he is often found playing with numerous bands who are keen to embrace his expertise and experience in the Gypsy style and always valuing his camaraderie.

I am honoured he has accepted our invitation to join us as a well-respected Patron and long-time valued friend for his advice and input whenever requested and his unrivaled support of visiting Gypsy musicians and our efforts to promote the music and its players. Thank you to our friend, Ducato.

Ducato left, Paulus Schafer right

Ducato & Paulus patron pic 










John Hornby Skewes & Co Ltd Website

Sponsored: our gorgeous ANTONI house double-bass

Contact: Telephone 0113 286 5381


The UK and Eire’s leading independent music trade distributor, JHS & Co offers a huge catalogue of instruments, effects, amplification and accessories for the music industry. Leading brand names available through JHS are, Danelectro, Manuel Rodriguez, Vintage, Encore, Kustom, Jim Dunlop, D’Aquisto strings, Antoni stringed instruments and HK Audio’s innovative pro audio/PA systems.

Ivor Mairants Music Centre – Website

Sponsored: our fab Rodriguez Macafferi Gypsy guitar.

Contact: Telephone 020 8636 1841

Ivor Mairants, one of the world’s most influential guitarists, opened his now world-famous music centre in the heart of London in 1962. The Musicentre has gone on to be as famous as its creator, offering an outstanding selection of interesting, high quality instruments, catering to the professional, leisure and hobby guitarists, and, of course, the first time buyer. Modern, bright, clean, comfortable air conditioned showrooms with knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.

Westside Distribution – Website

Sponsored: AER 60 amplifier.

AER amplifiers are the preferred choice of acoustic guitar players and are ideal for Djangos music. Westside Distribution represents a number of recognised brands in the UK for guitars and peripherals. We are grateful for Westside’s contribution of an AER amp. Westside are main suppliers to Ivor Mairants, through which these amps can be bought.


Daniel Katz Ltd – Website


Sponsored: AER 60 amplifier.

Contact: Telephone 020 7493 0688

Is one of the leading sculpture galleries world wide, Daniel Katz is synonymous with exceptional quality and a discerning knowledge. Celebrated as a world authority on Renaissance bronzes, Mr Daniel Katz confirms his expertise within the depth of his stock on view through the Old Bond Street gallery. Ranging in date from as early as 12th century Venetian to a few choice examples of the 19th century, the gallery’s stock illustrates a visual timeline of Europe’s finest sculptural tributes, while exemplifying the eye of both an art historian and one of the most knowledgeable and experienced dealers in the world of art. Daniel donated the AER so that visiting musicinas would have the use of an amplifier which playing here. Robin Katz a highly talented regular guitar player here is Daniel’s son.

Stringbusters – Website

Sponsored: guitar strings for our Tuesday night Gypsy jam session.

Established by musicians, and regular visitors to Le QuecumBar, Stringbusters stocks strings for all styles of playing (not just guitar strings) and delivers a fantastic speedy postal service almost world wide.



Peter Clark


Sponsored: Django Reinhardt oil portrait in the bar


Sincere thanks also to Peter, an exceptional local artist, who has kindly donated a superb original oil painting of the great Django Reinhardt which takes pride of place at Le QuecumBar. Peter also painted our garden murals and the company van. Please contact Sylvia at the bar if you have any similar requirements.

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