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A natural progression of Le QuecumBar & Brasserie. A small, intimate, independent record label, preserving moments of musical magic performed live at Le QuecumBar for sharing around the world. Born in 2007 as the mouthpiece of Le QuecumBar and its musicians, it aims to echo the ambience, capturing the passion of the music created during live concert performances; instantly transporting you to the very soul of Le QuecumBar and all it represents, bringing together established and unknown artists of the genre for the enjoyment of all.

All our cd’s available at the bar Le QuecumBar and Brasserie 42-44 Battersea High Street SW11 3HX, our online shop at www.quecumbar.co.uk, itunes.com, amazon.co.uk, cdbaby.com, various independent music shops, high street stores and complete digital download at linnrecords.com

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Le QuecumBar is also the home of  Le QuecumBar Allstars – Gypsy Swing Ensemble available for festivals, functions and other events, our very own in house collection of regular players here.

The Allstars latest review:

The QuecumBar Allstars played for the Royal Academy of Dance summer party here at Le QuecumBar July 2014

 Dear All, Just to say thank you very much for playing at our staff party on Friday. Our staff loved the music and didn’t want it to end, they have all said they only wish they had begun dancing earlier. It really made our evening special and we can’t thank you enough.  We hope you enjoyed the evening and we very much hope we can work with you again in the future.

Warmest wishes,Lead Events Officer, Royal Academy of Dance, Battersea, London

The Allstars next major booking is at the fabulous Twinwood vintage music festival – on the main arena stage Saturday 23rd August

With their debut album on its third run and still selling (on our own label Le Q Records), The Allstars are currently very much in demand. A collective of highly talented and accomplished musicians who play regularly at Le QuecumBar, the Allstars are available in multiple formats from a duo to an 8 piece band, and play a varied repertoire from Gypsy Jazz, Swing and Latin.

Past bookings, weddings, Birthday’s, the Silver Sturgeon, The Silver Fleet’s luxury flagship cruise vessel, the Savoy Hotel and Ealing Jazz Festival and other festival stages and corporate events.

” The Allstars touch all the nerve endings, stirring and feeding our emotions.  From firing the intense and elated feelings of happiness to evoking the warm tears from remembering lost love, the Allstars playing ‘Gypsy’ let you know you are alive.   The music hits you in way some poetry can but stays with you mainly because it inspires the heart. Divine stuff !”. David Field, PRIMA Design Exhibition

“ The Allstars made a great contribution to the success of a party for over 100 people at a major London hotel. They were highly reliable, and adaptable, and played two excellent sets” Sir Lawrence Collins

“One of the highlights of this years Ealing Jazz Festival” Pete Watson, Ealing Jazz Festival

For booking enquiries:

Sylvia Rushbrooke – Director

Steve Tennison – Manager

020 7787 2227





Le QuecumBar in conjunction with Le Q Records offers artists the opportunity to use the venue as a recording and rehearsal space. We have put together a special whole day recording package including our engineer for the best in traditional recording in an authentic environment.

For Bookings please contact: Sylvia Rushbrooke – Director or Steve Tennison – Manager

020 7787 2227 – 07807124072




Our latest masterpiece: Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival Triple CD

Voted by Clive Davis of The Sunday Times as one of the top ten jazz albums of 2010!

CD Review: The Observer – Sunday 11 July 2010 – Dave Gelly

Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Festival – commemorative Triple CD pack  “…This triple-CD set contains some truly astounding music. The sheer virtuosity often beggars belief, but it’s the inventiveness and creative abandon in the playing of such masters of the genre as Lollo Meier and Sébastien Giniaux, and especially the multi-talented Tcha Limberger, that make these performances truly remarkable. I can’t say “unbelievable”, because I was there when some were recorded – at London’s Le QuecumBar, back in January, at the festival to celebrate Django Reinhardt’s centenary – and this was exactly how it came across at the time.”


A triple cd commemorative pack of recordings set over the nine night sold out festival (a first for London), that includes star soloists appearing on stage together for the first time; all passionate representatives of the essence of Gypsy swing. This pack captures the energy and passion of 34 exceptional musicians; global Gypsy players from 6 countries who united and gathered in London for one reason only, to play homage to the Gypsy guitar genius Django Reinhardt and to honour his 100th birthday.  The album features numerous world class artists such as London based Fleur de Paris, The Biel Ballester Trio, Paulus Schafer, Feigeli Prisor and the Kussi Weiss Quintet, who, through their different ways of interpreting Gypsy Swing, take you on a journey you won’t forget. From Transylvania to France, from Germany to South America, the musicians delivered incredible, thrilling performances where Django’s music mixes with Rumba, Bossa Nova, Chansons, Musette and World music.

Each artist excels within his own interpretations of Django’s genre and brings you the magical touch inseparable from Django’s own Jazz Manouche. More swing than jazz the festival had people riveted to their seats with jaw dropping performances from the various line ups every night! Numerous nightly encores were the norm.  Saturday 23rd January, Django’s birthday amassed musical magic with Lollo Meier, Ritary Gaguenetti and Kussi Weiss on hot guitar solo and rhythm, young dynamic Hugo Richter on accordion and rockin UK bass ace Andy Crowdy.  The last two nights of this Gypsy Swing Guitar heaven saw a quintet of formidable heavyweight all-star all Gypsy line-ups, culminating in a finale on the last night that featured three world master soloists Stochelo Rosenberg, Lollo Meier, Ritary Gaguenetti and stunning Gypsy bass player Sani Van Mullem with the young virtuoso violinist Wattie Rosenberg they cast aside any amplification to play the authentic way, unplugged acoustic heaven and rose to the occasion with a performance that electrified the audience and visibly showed the musicians loved every minute. Their musical prowess, skill, technique and sensitivity represent a real cherry on the cake on these exciting albums that captures the audience’s enthusiastic response to the live musical genius present at the festival.

CD 1

1. Festival introduction (Sylvia – with apologies for the sound quality!) 3’42

Fleur de Paris

2. Menilmontant (C. Trenet) 4’17

3. Romance De Paris (L. Chauliac, C. Trenet) 3’18

4. Serenade Sans Espoir (H. Halifax, A. Hornez, M. Weersma) 3’46

5. La Vie En Rose (L. Gugliemi, E. Piaf) 4’48

Sebastien Giniaux, Ducato Piotrowski, Pete Kubryk-Townsend

6. Hungaria (D. Reinhardt) 3’35

7. Melodie Au Crepuscule (D. Reinhardt) 4’46

8. Clair De Lune (J. Kosma) 6’10

9. Montagne St Genevieve (D. Reinhardt) 2’35

Tcha Limberger Trio

10. O Letchto Kurko (S. Reinhardt) 5’24

11. Djinee Tu Kova Ziro (T. Winterstein) 5’08

12. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues (H. Arlen, T. Koehler) 4’33

13. Kei Kas Kan Miri Pirni (Traditional) 4’56

14. Dui Dui (Traditional) 2’02

15. Interview with Tcha Limberger 4’06

Tracks 1 to 9 recorded on Sunday 17th January 2010

Tracks 10 to 15 recorded on Tuesday 19th January 2010


Ritary Gaguenetti, Paulus Schäfer, Andy Aitchison,

Ducato Piotrowski and Noah Schäfer

1. My Blue Heaven (W. Donaldson, W. Whiting) 5’36

2. Djangology (S. Grappelli, D. Reinhardt) 5’38

3. Manoir De Mes Rêves (D. Reinhardt) 9’17

4. Limehouse Blues (P. Braham) 3’46

Biel Ballester Trio

5. My Sweet (S. Grappelli, D. Reinhardt) 2’28

6. Midnight Blue (K. Burrell) 3’24

7. Avanti (B. Ballester) 3’43

8. Centuries Ago (B.Ballester) 3’44

Kussi Weiss Quintet

9. Them There Eyes (M. Pinkard, D. Tauber, W. Tracey) 4’58

10. Close To You (B. Bacharach, H. David) 4’12

11. All Of Me (G. Marks, S. Simons) 4’48

12. Close Your Eyes (B. Petkere) 5’02

13. Interview with Biel Ballester 3’28

Tracks 1 to 4 recorded on Wednesday 20th January 2010

Tracks 5 to 8 & 13 recorded on Thursday 21st January 2010

Tracks 9 to 12 recorded on Friday 22nd January 2010


1. Django’s birthday introduction (Sylvia) 2’20

Lollo Meier, Ritary Gaguenetti, Kussi Weiss,

Hugo Richter, Andy Crowdy

2. Django’s Tiger (S. Grappelli, D. Reinhardt) 6’30

3. Swing 48 (D. Reinhardt) 9’07

4. Some Of These Days (S. Brooks) 7’48

5. Nuages (D. Reinhardt) 6’27

Lollo Meier, Ritary Gaguenetti, Feigeli Prisor,

Wattie Rosenberg, Sani van Mullem

6. Daphne (D. Reinhardt) 5’35

7. I Love You (H. Archer, H. Thompson) 5’52

8. Last night introduction (Sylvia) 3’55

Stochelo Rosenberg, Lollo Meier, Ritary Gaguenetti,

Wattie Rosenberg, Sani van Mullem

9. Belleville (D. Reinhardt) 7’54

Stochelo Rosenberg, Ritary Gaguenetti,

Wattie Rosenberg, Sani van Mullem

10. Relaxing at Camarillo (C. Parker) 6’27

11. Coquette (J. Green, G. Kahn, C. Lombardo) 5’34

12. Festival 48 (D. Reinhardt) 4’41

13. Double Jeu (S. Rosenberg) 5’08

14. Interview with Stochelo Rosenberg 1’40

Tracks 1 to 5 recorded on Saturday 23rd January 2010

Tracks 6 and 7 recorded on Sunday 24th January 2010

Tracks 8 to 14 recorded on Monday 25th January 2010


Sunday 17th January – Monday 25th January 2010

London’s first! –

A celebration in honour of the 100th Birthday of Django Reinhardt the legendary Gypsy and guitar genius – Sizzling guitar magic from Europe’s finest Gypsy and non Gypsy players amassing to pay homage to Django Reinhardt’s musical legacy: 33 musicians 9 concerts and 11 workshops.

It took 6 monthsof gruelling preparation, production, hard work, energy and battling, to promote and support an underexposed genre of the UK, but it was all worth it. The first ever International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival to take place in London and the largest in UK was an astounding unprecedented success with the help of its nationwide supporters and sponsors and amassed 33 musicians from 8 countries. Proving that the sensational and unique genre created by Django Reinhardt over 80 years ago is still “out there” and as fresh today as it ever was.  The whole festival was held and organized in the hidden backstreets of Battersea village in our small intimate 1930’s Parisian Brasserie – Le QuecumBar & Brasserie.  The 9 night festival, featuring great Gypsy names such as David Reinhardt, Ritary Gaguenetti, Stochelo Rosenberg, Tcha Limberger and many others was sold out days before the start of the event leading its organizers Le QuecumBar and Le Q Records to turn people away despite the fact that the festival was extended with a bonus night for people who were unable to buy festival tickets.

The 11 well attended and unique Gypsy Swing/jazz guitar, Gypsy Swing Double Bass and Balkan Gypsy violin workshops in 5 London locations, presented a rare opportunity to learn from the Gypsy and non Gypsy world masters of their craft such as:  Le QuecumBar Patrons: Ritary Gaguenetti, French Gypsy, Biel Ballester, from Spain, Lollo Meier, Dutch Gypsy plus Olivier Kikteff of Les Doigts de L’homme, France, Tcha Limberger, Belgian Gypsy, Paulus Schafer, Dutch Gypsy, Leo Hipaucha, from Argentina, and Kussi Weiss, German Gypsy allowing students with various abilities of the style, to learn from the source.

The exciting live recorded highlights of the festival were released on a commemorative triple CD in June 2010 featuring the rare performances of some of the worlds best Gypsy Swing artists who have never before appeared on the same stage together.  The grand opening: Fleur De Paris set the 1930s Parisian scene, transporting the audience to the time when Gypsy swing was born, with Piaf-style café vocals and lilting musette melodies conjuring a feeling that the very spirit of Django was in the air. The nights that followed, including Django’s birthday on 23rd January, were filled with electrifying and magical moments. The finale and crowning jewel of the festival was an all-star, all-Gypsy quintet with three world class inspiring soloists performing together for the first time: Stochelo Rosenberg, Lollo Meier and Ritary Gaguenetti accompanied by Wattie Rosenberg and Sani Van Mullem. The audience were swinging in their seats to Gypsy roots and jazz swing all played with versatility and sheer exuberance that has charmed and seduced audiences for decades captivating their hearts with its hypnotic rhythm, proving the music remains as powerful as ever. Every night was filled with enthusiastic and animated fans that make this a rare and special recording.

SPONSORS/SUPPORTERS: Many thanks to all our contributors for their help in assisting their countrymen to attend the festival and to our supporters in recognising the cultural value of this unique event. Without their help this festival would not have taken place, Le QuecumBar and Le Q Records thanks them all.

  • National Lottery funded Arts Council England
  • European Commission Representation in the UK, supporting the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion 2010
  • SeaFrance – the way to France, Dover – Calais Ferries, proud to support Le Q Records & Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival celebrating the 100th birthday of Django Reinhardt. SeaFrance operates up to 15 daily return crossings on the Dover-Calais route. Please visit www.seafrance.com for more details.
  • Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Sponsoring Kussi Weiss Quintet from Germany
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands
  • Belgian Tourist Office – Brussels * Wallonia“The South of Belgium, Latin Europe in a Nutshell”
  • bureau export french-music.org
  • Institut Francais
  • Perrier sparkling water
  • Olswang LLP
  • S J Berwin LLP
  • www.stringbusters.com Norman and Cliff loyal supporters and fans
  • Goethe Institut London
  • Loyal supporters, generous fans and customersIvor Young of Prism Leisure Ltd Licensing & Distribution,Brian Potts USA, Martin Christie and David Taylor.
  • Special thanks, to the young and easy going photographer, Philip Volkers of www.philipvolkers.com who supported us by spending 9 nights photographing the artists at the festival.  His photos were used on the triple cd – his work covers fashion photography, film sets and corporate products in fact he is happy to go anywhere where his camera work is needed.


Le QuecumBar Live in London with Patrick Saussois and Daniel John Martin

Many of you may know Patrick has been seriously ill for some time, we wish him and his family well and our thoughts are with him.  Recorded Live in concert in 2008 at Le QuecumBar, a hot swinging line-up led by the unique Daniel John Martin on Jazz violin and vocals and Gypsy Jazz legend Patrick Saussois lead this versatile ensemble. Featuring swinging rhythms and beautiful, elegant melodies, this album transports you to the streets and cafes of 1930’s Paris, led by the mellifluous violin and unique vocals of Daniel John Martin and the remarkable guitar playing of Gypsy Jazz legend Patrick Saussois, this music is driven by the rock steady ensemble of Polish Rom Gypsy Ducato Piowtrowski a regular at Le QuecumBar (often seen playing with Gary Potter) on rhythm guitar he is one of the UK’s top, sought after rhythm guitarists of this genre and has played with such legendary Gypsy guitarists as Moreno, Matcho Winterstein and the UK’s Gary Potter. He  is also a consummate soloist with an authentic style that is influenced by the great Tchavolo Schmitt. and Andy Crowdy (often seen playing with Lollo Meier) double bass. Andy is one of the UK’s top bass players, and has performed with some of the world’s greatest Gypsy Swing guitarists such as Lollo Meier and Angelo DeBarre. His incredible driving rhythmical sense is combined with a lyrical musicality, which is highlighted in his inventive solos.

Patrick Saussois:

Lead Guitar. One of the most esteemed and respected players of the genre, and a self-taught left handed Gypsy swing guitar master influenced by Django/Babik Reinhardt, Henri Crolla and legendary Matelo Ferré whom he would often accompany, Patrick is a gifted composer and improviser with a relaxed, melodic style who can navigate seamlessly between styles and genres whether they be bal musette with the late great legendary accordionist Jo Privat, bepop with Richie Cole, or Gypsy Swing with his band Alma Sinti (on his own label Djazz), with whom he has travelled the world.


Daniel John Martin:

Jazz Violin and Vocals. A unique and charismatic performer and one of the most talented and sought after violinists of his generation, Daniel’s singing, swinging violin has joined such world Gypsy guitar greats as Boulou Ferre, Angelo DeBarre and Romane amongst many others. Born in the UK, spending his childhood in Africa, Daniel then studied violin at Parisian conservatoires, where jazz became his first love. His sources of inspiration include Stephane Grappelli, Stuff Smith, Art Pepper and Cannonball Adderley. www.myspace.com/djmparis

1) Caravan (D.Wellington/J.Tizol)

2) There will never be another you (H.Warren/M.Gordon)

3) I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (J.McHugh/D.Fields)

4) Tea For Two (I.Caesar/V.Yeomans)

5) Daphné (D.Reinhardt)

6) Nuages (D.Reinhardt)

7) What Is This Thing Called Love (C.Porter)

8) Out Of nowhere (J.Green/E.Heyman)

9) I Wish You Love (L.Chauliac/A.Beach)

10) Belleville (D.Reinhardt)

11) Douce Ambiance (D.Reinhardt)

12) Dinah (H.Akst/S.Lewis/J.Young)

13) Tears (D.Reinhardt)

14) It Had To Be You (I.Jones)

Smile and enjoy!


Le QuecumBar Live in London with The Aurore Quartet

Recorded live in concert in 2009 at Le QuecumBar, the vibrant, eclectic Aurore Quartet from Paris, led by Aurore Violque on violin and vocals, with Siegfried Mandacé and Darko Andelkovic on guitars and Pierre Frasque on double bass. A musical tour de force, radiating lyricism and joy –a powerful anti-depressant for the soul! With special guests Ritary Gaguenetti and Phillipa Leigh.

www.aurorequartet.com www.myspace.com/aurorequartet

The Aurore Quartet

Formed in September 2004, The Aurore Quartet is fronted by the glamorous, talented Aurore Voilque on violin and vocals and completed by the dynamic trio of Siegfried ‘Ziggy’ Mandace and Darko Andelkovic on guitars, and Pierre Frasque on double bass. Mixing their diverse musical backgrounds, this joyful band brims with lyricism and humour, touching the heart and soul of their audience and taking them on a musical trip to 30s and 40s swing and Gypsy folk repertoires. With their own very personal interpretations and memorable compositions, The Aurore Quartet enthrals and lifts the spirits! Joining them as guest musicians on this live recording are Gypsy Jazz virtuoso Ritary Gaguenetti and rising vocal star Phillipa Leigh, helping to create an eclectic and exhilarating musical feast! Special guest on the album Le QuecumBar Patron Ritary Gaguenetti tracks 10, 11 and 12: Gypsy Swing/Jazz guitar master, composer and band leader. Born in 78, a self-taught master guitarist and composer, Ritary is a Sinti Gypsy and an outstanding virtuoso musician, with a style that is smooth and melodious, clean and precise. Influenced by Joe Pass, George Benson and Stochelo Rosenberg, he has many diverse CDs Under his belt, and has toured the world with his ensemble to rapturous welcomes catch his next live concert here in October 2009



Guest vocalist Phillipa Leigh on track 10 and 11: Phillipa originally trained at RADA, graduating with a degree in acting, during which her vocal talent was first recognized. After being introduced to the music of Billie Holiday (one of her all time favourite singers and most powerful influences) Phillipa decided to pursue a career in singing. www.phillipaleigh.co.uk

1.Blue Drag (J.Myrow)

2.Lux bar (Siegfried Mandacé)

3.Mabel (D.Reinhardt/S.Grappelli)

4.La tireuse (Siegfried Mandacé)

5.La javanaise (S.Gainsbourg)

6.Boye (Darko Andelkovic)

7.Danse Norvegienne (D.Reinhardt)

8.Johnny fais moi mal (B.Vian)

9.Conversation (Siegfried Mandacé)

10.All of me (G.Marks) with Phillipa Leigh vocals and Ritary Gaguenetti lead guitar

11.Smile (J.Turner/G.Parsons/C.Chaplin) with Phillipa Leigh vocals and Ritary Gaguenetti lead guitar

12.A l’instant (R.Gaguenetti) featuring Ritary Gaguenetti on lead guitar

13.Tiger Rag (Dominic James/ Nick La Rocca)

Stars of Gypsy Swing  Le QuecumBar Patrons

CD Review: Jack Massarik, Jazzwise

“The same goes quadruple for the double-album compilation of gypsy swing released on the same label. It’s an impressive sample of the Continental virtuosi to have graced Sylvia Rushbrooke’s Battersea bastion over the last few years. And nestling comfortably among such stars as Ritary Gaguenetti, Lollo Meier and Angelo DeBarre you will find a sprinkling of Brits including the heroic Mr Potter, the super-versatile John Etheridge and the under-rated Hank B Marvin, who must have been practising a bit since he packed away his glitter suits, bade farewell to Cliff Richard and became a Shadow no more.”


It took over a year to put together this unique eclectic and exciting mix of guitar masterpieces that includes original and unreleased material from John Jorgenson, Hank Marvin and Biel Ballester. All tracks were contributed by the then current 13 elite global Gypsy Swing guitar patrons of Le QuecumBar, London’s world premier Gypsy Swing venue.

Featuring Le QuecumBar Patrons:

Angelo DeBarre (French Gypsy), Dave Kelbie (UK) with Fapy Lafertin and The George Washingmachine Quartet(Australia), John Jorgenson (USA), Hank Marvin (UK), Ritary Gaguenetti (French Gypsy), Gary Potter (UK), John Etheridge (UK), Moreno(French Gypsy), Stephane Wrembel (France), Biel Ballester(Spain), Andreas Oberg (Sweden), Robin Nolan (UK) and Lollo Meier(Dutch Gypsy).

Everyone a dazzling star. This is a musical imprint of our patrons’ unique personalities, highlighting their talent, energy, compositions, melodies and Django Reinhardt’s music. Some were born to Django’s music, others gravitated to it, all have left their indelible mark on this style. Individually displaying their singular guitar style, mastery and personal interpretations, all these incredible musicians have nurtured and evolved the genre globally to renewed heights of popularity. This CD was only made possible by their generously donated tracks. The purpose: to elevate and share Django’s legacy, whilst assisting Le QuecumBar’s objective of supporting and promoting Django’s Gypsy Swing, its Gypsy heritage and its musicians worldwide.

Le QuecumBar Live in London with The Gary Potter Quartet

CD Review: Jack Massarik, Jazzwise

“I believe I was present at the Potter recording on a sunny evening in beautiful downtown Battersea last September. There was no sign of the band when I arrived, but the leader’s Macaferri style acoustic guitar was lying unattended on one of those wooden trestle-tables outside the bar. That was typical Gary Potter. A genial, unassuming, easy-going Scouser with no big-time affectations, he quadruples in stature the moment he picks up his guitar and starts playing gypsy jazz.

He can also play better than good Country and Western guitar, but its the music of Django Reinhardt that first inspired him and which he has mastered to an amazing degree. He’s not alone there, of course. There are dozens of dynamic Reinhardt-school guitarists in countries all around the world, having fun and winning new audiences for the seemingly ageless brand of swing established by the great Belgian guitarist and his faithful French sidekick, violinist Stephane Grappelli. But Gary Potter can put any of them to the test.

He writes little or no songs of his own, but plays the entire Reinhardt canon with remarkable virtuosity. Djangology, Nuages, Minor Swing and Troublant Bolero are all faithfully interpreted here and embellished with hard-swinging yet feather-light variations of his own. He skitters around the fretboard with similar abandon on swing standards of the period, including Limehouse Blues and Can’t Give You Anything But Love. Not cutting-edge perhaps, but lovely stuff, brilliantly performed.”


Recorded live in concert in 2007 at Le QuecumBar, London’s world premier Gypsy Swing venue, a unique line-up led by the UK’s finest Gypsy Swing guitarist Gary Potter and driven by the rhythm section of Kevin Nolan, Ducato Piotrowski and Andy Crowdy.

Le QuecumBar’s stage was the perfect setting and catalyst: bringing together four stars of the Gypsy Swing genre, performing as The Gary Potter Quartet for the first time. This unique and exciting experience culminated in a thrilling live performance led by guitar genius Gary Potter, the UK’s foremost Gypsy Swing guitarist and valued QuecumBar patron.

Gary’s virtuosity and versatility are brilliantly displayed here, with superb support from the power-packed rhythm section of Kevin Nolan (of The Robin Nolan Trio) and Ducato Piotrowski (Le QuecumBar Allstar) on rhythm guitar and Andy Crowdy (often found playing with Angelo DeBarre and Lollo Meier) on bass. Gary’s playing and interpretation constantly deliver musical magic, complimented by the solid pumping support of a confident, sensitive and creative rhythm section. This album perfectly replicates the atmosphere, energy and the great synergy between the fabulous four in a setting specifically designed for heart pumping Gypsy Swing.

Le QuecumBar Live in London with The Ritary Gaguenetti Quartet

We were delighted to be able to record Ritary, one of the most talented young Gypsy Jazz guitar players of his generation. With an added dimension of funky saxophone, the Quartet brings youth and vitality to Django’s music, with rising star Helena Jessie contributing guest vocals on one of the tracks.

Master guitarist and composer, Ritary is a Sinti Gypsy from the same tribe as Django and was born in 78. He began playing at 14, first learning from his father, and teaching himself by listening to the Gypsy masters. He is a quietly outstanding virtuoso musician, influenced by the Dutch tradition, with a style that is smooth and melodious, clean and precise. His versatility encompasses both funk and R&B, and he is influenced by Joe Pass, George Benson and Stochelo Rosenberg.  With several varied CDs under his belt, including collaborations with Matcho Winterstein, Andreas Oberg and Yorgui Loeffler, he has toured Europe, the USA and Canada with his Ensemble to rapturous welcomes.   Always happy to share his skill and pass on Django’s musical tradition, Ritary plays from authentic Django roots to a style with a modern, jazzy feel. A perfect example of this music’s versatility. Ritary’s latest album Gipsy Soul is a definite jazz album and proves undoubtedly he can cross over genres with ease and flair.

Le QuecumBar Allstars featuring Lollo Meier

Recorded in situ over 2 days, a collective of highly talented and accomplished regular Le QuecumBar musicians producing music whose vitality and emotions you can never tire of. An irresistible mix of heartbeat rhythm, swinging guitars and joyous arrangements. From the energetic authentic gypsy swing of Mire Pral, to Pink Martini’s contemporary infectious Brazilian rhythms in Lilly, to the rarely heard vocal version of Django Reinhardt’s evocative Nuages, this recording captures the joy that flows from a night of live Gypsy jazz at Le QuecumBar.

We are also honoured to have Lollo Meier feature on this album playing Melody for Le QuecumBar which he wrote and dedicated to Le QuecumBar.




Gypsy Jazz Live in London The Biel Ballester Trio

From Barcelona, Biel’s trio are champions of Gypsy jazz in Spain and bring an excitingly fresh and modern slant to this music. Adopting the Latin rhythms of bossa nova, bolero and rumba, they infuse the traditional style with their own eclectic Spanish flavour, a perfect demonstration of how musicians around the globe continue to contribute to Django’s legacy with their own cultural influences. Two of Biels original compositions featured in the soundtrack to Woody Allen’s film, Vicky Christina Barcelona including “When I was A Boy” that is on this fantastic double album that really show the class of these performers. Biel is a young talented composer, player and teacher and valued Patron to Le QuecumBar.


The album includes  original compositions and Gypsy jazz classics – this live recording shows the trio’s versatility, virtuosity and passion, and creativity that breathes fresh energy in the genre.

Visit Biel’s website

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