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BENOIT VIELLEFON & HIS ORCHESTRA 1920-40’s French swing, musette, Latin
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CHARLES ALEXANDER AND ANDY ROBINSON: Fantastic jazz from these QuecumBar regulars.

CLUB TABOU: Gypsy swing ensemble and shameless promoters of the Django sound.

MAZAIKA: Violin/accordian ensemble, featuring QuecumBar regulars Sarah Harrison and Igor Outkine

METRO SWING: Gypsy swing guitar duo with vocals.

ANDREA QUINTARELLI: Unique fusion of jazz and Middle-Eastern melodies.

RYTHME FUTUR: “Adrenaline fuelled Romany jazz” from this trio featuring regular bass player George Trebar.

PETE ‘TIGER’ SHEPPARD: Fast and furious Django style guitar. Pete is a resident artist, playing on the first Saturday of each month.

HEATHER SIMMONS: 1920s and 1930s jazz from this wonderful chanteuse.

TERZA RIMA: Two guitars and multi-percussion, playing covers and original compositions with a wide range of influence.

VIPER’S DREAM: Two guitars and double bass with varied influences.

YOKA: Dutch singer, jazz blues and cabaret. See Yoka at Le Q with The Land Girls.


AM KETENES: Gypsy band playing Django Reinhardt acoustic music alongside Gypsy songs in Romanes (Gypsy language).

FIESTA FLAMENCA: Fantastic flamenco rhythms and style.

TIM KLIPHUIS: Grappelli-style jazz violin from the Netherlands.

REVE BOHEME: Modern jazz in the Django manner from Denmark.

TOLGA TRIO: Italian trio bringing a fresh and contemporary approach to the Django style.


ALEXANDRE CAVALIERE: Gypsy jazz violin.

TITI DEMETER: Authentic Gypsy jazz guitarist.

CHRISTIAN GARRICK: Jazz violin, QuecumBar entertainer and quartet leader.

HULLABALOO: European swing band.

JAZZ PARTOUT: Gypsy swing from Finland, with good biographical pages.

THE KREMLINAIRES: “World leaders in Soviet Swing and Bolshevik Boogie”. A site to be visited.

BIRELI LAGRENE: Virtuoso Gypsy jazz guitarist.

MANOUCHE: Gypsy jazz trio based in south-west England.

DANIEL JOHN MARTIN : Jazz violinist & singer

MINOR SWING: The Gypsy sound.

MIKE PIGGOTT: Very well-received hot club violinist.

MODJANGO: Father and son Gypsy swing due from the Wirral, Merseyside.

NUAGES DE SWING: Jazz band in the tradition of the Quintette du Hot Club de France.

RODOLPHE RAFFALLI: French swing guitarist.

RAISA: “Dutch Gypsy jazz trio”.

DORADO SCHMITT: Gypsy jazz guitarist.

SINTI SWING QUARTET: Classic and contemporary Gypsy jazz, featuring French Gypsy guitarists Sébastien and Youri Felix, American jazz violinist John Intrator, and French bass player Bernard Chalon.

SWING GITAN: Gypsy jazz band.

BILLY THOMPSON: Jazz violin and violin improvisation.


DJANGO REINHARDT SWING PAGE: All you need to know about swing in one site.

THE GYPSY JAZZ CHORD BOOK: Full chord listings for Django masterpieces.

JAZZ SERVICES: A one-stop shop for everything jazz.

JAZZ BREAK: French jazz fanzine.

GYPSY JAZZ GUITAR: Website for the Gypsy jazz community.

JAZZWISE: Online jazz publication with extras.

GADJO DROM: Information about Gypsy jazz/manouche in Europe. (This link gives English translation of the original French site. Click here to see it in French).

HOT CLUB NEWS: German Hot Club resource site (with English option).

THE GUITAR GUY: Chords and lyrics for many songs.

DJANGO REINHARDT INTERNATIONAL: A collection of Django resources.

JAZZ PARTOUT: Gypsy swing from Finland, with good biographical pages.

HOT CLUB COPENHAGEN: Home page of the Danish Django Reinhardt Society.

HOT CLUB LINKS: Dutch site offering links to Hot Club and related sites worldwide.

DJANGO STATION: French website about Django’s music and the Gypsy swing world.

HOT CLUB RECORDS: Dedicated hot club record label, distributed in many countries.

JAZZ HOT: French jazz magazine.


CLUB-DJANGO: A monthly club (based in Cornwall) for acoustic musicians interested in Gypsy swing and the music of Django Reinhardt.

STICHTING HOT CLUB DE FRANCE: Dutch website dedicated to the music of Django Reinhardt.


JAZZ IN LONDON: Online version of the dedicated listings magazine.

ALLGIGS.CO.UK: Gigs, venues, bands… the lot.

UP MY STREET: Find out what’s going on in your area. Entertainment, services and information.

WEB JAZZ GUIDE: Search for jazz gigs and venues.

MY WANDSWORTH: Everything you need to know about the local area.

VIEW LONDON: Guide to going out in the capital.

BEAUFORT JAZZ: Monthly open-mic jazz session in Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK


GODEFROY MARUEJOUL: Handcrafted guitars in London by a Frenchman, popular with Gypsy players such as Lollo Meier

FESTIVAL DE JAZZ DJANGO REINHARDT: A Mecca for Django fans the world over.

JOHN LE VOI GYPSY JAZZ GUITARS: Handcrafted guitars.

L’ESPRIT MANOUCHE: Gypsy jazz festival to be held July 2004.


THE GUITAR GUY: Chords and lyrics for many songs.

GERRIT VAN BERGEIJK: Handcrafted guitars from Holland.

INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FOUNDATION: Charitable organisation dedicated to the promotion and education of the guitar.

STRINGBUSTERS: Sponsors of our Tuesday night Gypsy jazz jam session.

ROYAL GYPSY JAZZ GUITARS: Handcrafted Gypsy jazz guitars on the south coast of England.

TRAD MUSIC: The fastest-growing traditional music community on the internet.

FIDDLING AROUND: Everything about violins, lovingly created and maintained by versatile violinist Chris Haigh.

HOT CLUB RECORDS: Dedicated hot club record label, distributed in many countries.

HANK’S GUITAR SHOP: New and used acoustic guitars including Selmer. London, UK.

RADIO HEYNOW: Internet radio station, broadcasting in the English and Polish languages.

AJL GUITARS: Finnish purveyor of guitar accessories.

HONG FANG ZI: French restaurant in Shanghai. Jazz manouche every Thursday.

GUITAR CDS: Created to help musicians reach a wider market and enable guitarists to sell their CDs worldwide, and to offer a one-stop shop for fans of all genres of guitar music.

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