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AVA GOLDING: Popular jazz and blues vocalist, here once a month

CHARLES ALEXANDER AND ANDY ROBINSON: Fantastic jazz from these QuecumBar regulars.

PETE ‘TIGER’ SHEPPARD: Fast and furious Django style guitar. Pete is a resident artist, playing on the first Saturday of each month.

VIPER’S DREAM: Hot club Django style ensemble

ORIANA AND THE CHARMERS: Classic American jazz and French chanson, with some Latin vocals too!

MAN OVERBOARD Fantastic London based 1920’s/30’s Swing Quintet

MANIERE DES BOHEMIENS Energetic Gypsy Swing Quartet from the Midlands

FLEUR DE PARIS Chanson and Swing from 1930’s and 1950’s Paris

EFFRA TRIO Contemporary instrumental folk trio

PAPRIKA Traditional eastern European, Balkan, Gypsy and Classical music

DOWN FOR THE COUNT London based jazz, swing, rat pack and soul band/orchestra

THE KAMAO QUINTET London based Jazz Manouche band featuring Le Que Patron, Dave Kelbie

TRIO MANOUCHE One of the UK’s leading Manouche Trio’s featuring Le Que Patron, Ducato

BEN HOLDER Violin virtuoso who leads the Ben Holder Quartet and Gypsy Fire  

CAFÉ MANOUCHE London based Jazz Manouche and Swing Quintet

FOUR FEMMES ON THE THAMES Vintage style, contemporary and cheeky female vocal quartet

GYPSY DYNAMITE QUARTET Young and energetic Gypsy Swing band based in London, originally from Italy. Just recorded their live album on Le Que Records label

FIDDLEBOP Gypsy swing quartet from Oxfordshire

DJANGOLOGIE Gypsy Swing/Hot Club band from the North East of England

GYPSY FEVER 7 piece band from London, specialising in Ethno/Swing/Gypsy/Folk-rock music

THE FLEA PIT ORCHESTRA Twisted skiffle & Cockney-Brechtian folk-punk cabaret

RABBIT FOOT SPASM BAND Oxfordshire based 1920’s and onwards swing jazz, filthy swing band – Thursday residency here at Le Que!

DALSTON GYPSY TRIO Gypsy Trio from the East-end of London


ANGELO DEBARRE: Le Que Patron and French Gypsy guitar Master

STOCHELO ROSENBERG/THE ROSENBERGS: Dutch Gypsy Masters and renowned Gypsy guitar playing family

STEPHANE WREMBAL: Le Que Patron and guitarist playing from blues to rock, with Django Reinhardt roots!

JOHN JORGENSON: Le Que Patron, and all-round string master of many genres, including Gypsy jazz, bluegrass, acoustic, etc.

JOHN ETHERIDGE: Le Que Patron and all-round guitar Master

ROBIN NOLAN: Le Que Patron and UK Gypsy Jazz Master

DORADO SCHMITT: Gypsy jazz Master guitarist.

EVAN CHRISTOPHER’S DJANGO CREOLE New Orleans and blues meet Django Reinhardt!

LOLLO MEIER Le Que Patron and Dutch Gypsy Manouche guitar Master

FAPY LAFERTIN Le Que Patron and Belgian Gypsy Manouche guitar Master

TCHA LIMBERGER Le Que Patron and Dutch Gypsy violin Master

AM KETENES: Gypsy band playing Django Reinhardt acoustic music alongside Gypsy songs in Romanes (Gypsy language).

FIESTA FLAMENCA: Fantastic flamenco rhythms and style.

TIM KLIPHUIS: Grappelli-style jazz violin from the Netherlands.

REVE BOHEME: Modern jazz in the Django manner from Denmark.

TOLGA TRIO: Italian trio bringing a fresh and contemporary approach to the Django style.

TITI DEMETER: Authentic Gypsy jazz guitarist.

CHRISTIAN GARRICK: Jazz violin, QuecumBar entertainer and quartet leader.

BEIL BALLISTER TRIO: Le Que Patron and Spanish Gypsy guitar Master

AURELIEN BOULY: Le Que Patron, and French Gypsy guitar Master, also plays Latin Jazz Manouche


HANK MARVIN: Le Que Patron and Guitar master who also plays Gypsy swing

BENOIT VIELLEFON & HIS ORCHESTRA 1920-40’s French swing, musette, Latin
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MAZAIKA: Violin/accordian ensemble, featuring QuecumBar regulars Sarah Harrison and Igor Outkine

HEATHER SIMMONS: 1920s and 1930s jazz from this wonderful chanteuse.

TERZA RIMA: Two guitars and multi-percussion, playing covers and original compositions with a wide range of influence.

YOKA: Dutch singer, jazz blues and cabaret.

HULLABALOO: Vocal swinging bassist play European wide

JAZZ PARTOUT: Gypsy swing from Finland, with good biographical pages.

MANOUCHE: Gypsy jazz trio based in south-west England.

MINOR SWING: The Gypsy sound.

MIKE PIGGOTT: Very well-received hot club violinist.

MODJANGO: Father and son Gypsy swing due from the Wirral, Merseyside.

NUAGES DE SWING: Jazz band in the tradition of the Quintette du Hot Club de France.

RODOLPHE RAFFALLI: French swing guitarist.

RAISA: “Dutch Gypsy jazz trio”.

SINTI SWING QUARTET: Classic and contemporary Gypsy jazz, featuring French Gypsy guitarists Sébastien and Youri Felix, American jazz violinist John Intrator, and French bass player Bernard Chalon.

SWING GITAN: Gypsy jazz band.

BILLY THOMPSON: Jazz violin and violin improvisation.


DJANGO REINHARDT SWING PAGE: All you need to know about swing in one site.

THE GYPSY JAZZ CHORD BOOK: Full chord listings for Django masterpieces.

JAZZ SERVICES: A one-stop shop for everything jazz.

JAZZ BREAK: French jazz fanzine.

GYPSY JAZZ GUITAR: Website for the Gypsy jazz community.

JAZZWISE: Online jazz publication with extras.

GADJO DROM: Information about Gypsy jazz/manouche in Europe. (This link gives English translation of the original French site. Click here to see it in French).

HOT CLUB NEWS: German Hot Club resource site (with English option).

THE GUITAR GUY: Chords and lyrics for many songs.

DJANGO REINHARDT INTERNATIONAL: A collection of Django resources.

JAZZ PARTOUT: Gypsy swing from Finland, with good biographical pages.

HOT CLUB COPENHAGEN: Home page of the Danish Django Reinhardt Society.

HOT CLUB LINKS: Dutch site offering links to Hot Club and related sites worldwide.

DJANGO STATION: French website about Django’s music and the Gypsy swing world.

JAZZ HOT: French jazz magazine.


CLUB-DJANGO: A monthly club (based in Cornwall) for acoustic musicians interested in Gypsy swing and the music of Django Reinhardt.

STICHTING HOT CLUB DE FRANCE: Dutch website dedicated to the music of Django Reinhardt.

HOT CLUB UK UK’s leading Hot Club resource


ALLGIGS.CO.UK: Gigs, venues, bands… the lot.

MY WANDSWORTH: Everything you need to know about the local area.

VIEW LONDON: Guide to going out in the capital.



GODEFROY MARUEJOUL: Handcrafted guitars in London by a Frenchman, popular with Gypsy players such as Lollo Meier

FESTIVAL DE JAZZ DJANGO REINHARDT: A Mecca for Django fans the world over.


THE GUITAR GUY: Chords and lyrics for many songs.

GERRIT VAN BERGEIJK: Handcrafted guitars from Holland.

INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FOUNDATION: Charitable organisation dedicated to the promotion and education of the guitar.

STRINGBUSTERS: Sponsors of our Tuesday night Gypsy jazz jam session.

ROYAL GYPSY JAZZ GUITARS: Handcrafted Gypsy jazz guitars on the south coast of England.

TRAD MUSIC: The fastest-growing traditional music community on the internet.

FIDDLING AROUND: Everything about violins, lovingly created and maintained by versatile violinist Chris Haigh.

HOT CLUB RECORDS: Dedicated hot club record label, distributed in many countries.

HANK’S GUITAR SHOP: New and used acoustic guitars including Selmer. London, UK.

RADIO HEYNOW: Internet radio station, broadcasting in the English and Polish languages.

AJL GUITARS: Finnish purveyor of guitar accessories.

GUITAR CDS: Created to help musicians reach a wider market and enable guitarists to sell their CDs worldwide, and to offer a one-stop shop for fans of all genres of guitar music.




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